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23.07.2015 |

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    Last week we were joined by the lovely Rhiannon Jenkins from Penair School as part of her year ten work experience. With a passion for graphic design and (as we discovered very quickly) a real skill for copywriting, it’s been an absolute pleasure having Rhiannon on our team. Here’s what she had to say about her week at MPAD:

    I must admit I was close to shaking with the amount of nerves I had the night before my first day with MPAD. No matter how much encouragement I had thrown at me as I was leaving the house, I felt daunted by the fact I’d be working with adults in an adult work environment. However, as I soon found out, it really wasn’t as unnerving as I’d built it up to be.

    The team were really funny and genuine and the overall atmosphere of the office was lovely. They gave me the opportunity to explore both graphic design and journalism related projects, as I can’t decide which route I’d rather go down.

    Within my first day I got straight into work and came up with a mood board for a small book they were making as well as some campaign ideas and research for a different project. During the week I moved onto illustrator work, which I really enjoyed; wrote a press release; designed posters; did some persuasive writing and learnt about video editing. I was complimented throughout and they used some of the work I had done over the week, which was a real confidence boost in my ability.

    There is a lot I will take away from my week here and I officially have a much better understanding of the work place. I’m so thankful for the busy company taking me on and teaching me things I’ll be sure to remember for the future!

    Rhiannon Jenkins-Penair School

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